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Offering full service career advising, Amy specializes in guiding clients toward increased confidence and finding happiness via matching skills and meeting career goals through facilitated self-exploration exercises. For example, she takes pieces of a client’s employment history, interests, and talents to repurpose her clients’ transferable skills into a more desired pathway. In doing so, Amy helps clients uncover exciting new options and more fulfilling career possibilities.

Amy also leverages her vast professional and personal network to identify opportunities for informational conversations and career areas to explore. These arranged networking meetings allow clients to easily gain access to knowledgeable and informed individuals capable of facilitating career exploration. Assistance in this area also includes preparation of questions for the informational conversation, coaching on how to arrange the meeting, and debriefing discussions to assist clients with processing and evaluating the informational conversation experience.  

Known for crafting creative and eye-catching resumes and cover letters, Amy opens new doors for her clients. She further helps them pinpoint their job searches resulting in a more focused and satisfying process, improved sense of value and purpose, and an increasingly fulfilling professional career.

Each of these job search components can be tackled in an a la carte manner according to the client’s needs. Career advising clients report feeling encouraged and advised through the process, having a clear sense of direction for successful search tasks and steps, and feeling more confident and accomplished after working with Amy.

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“Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you. We realized that being successful isn’t about being impressive, it’s about being inspired. That’s what it means to be true to yourself.”
-Michelle Obama, Becoming

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Robyn Frost
Executive Director, Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

There are few times that you encounter a person who genuinely makes a difference. The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless was fortunate to have met that person nearly 25 years ago when Amy Killeen began volunteering, and since then, Amy's skills have helped the agency grow its volunteer and donor bases and increase its fundraising capacity. In addition, Amy was a valuable member of MCH's Board of Trustees for nearly 10 years, during which she energized the Fundraising Committee and this positively impacted financial support to the agency. Amy brings not only her skills and talents, but also her passion for making a difference in others’ lives. MCH is indeed fortunate to have Amy as part of our team.

College Completion Client

Amy is a loyal and effective college coach with a high level of integrity and an unwavering passion for helping others make their dreams a reality. Regardless of her client's personal challenges and past academic history, she sets tangible goals, creates structure, genuinely encourages and supports, and consistently offers a positive perspective. My work with her resulted in me earning my bachelors degree. This accomplishment will always be my most proud achievement and I am confident that if Amy Killeen hadn’t entered my life, this desired outcome would not have become reality. I am forever grateful to Amy!

Christine Lavoie
Parent / College Coaching Client

The patience, kindness, honesty, dedication, and higher education knowledge Amy provided our family landed Christopher in one of his top college choices. Amy’s positive attitude is contagious, she’s compassionate and kind, and she never missed the opportunity to help our family. Her calm disposition kept us on track every inch of the way, even when we were feeling completely overwhelmed. Amy was always accessible and we felt comfortable reaching out to her at any time for support. We will forever be grateful for Amy’s guidance and know she will be a friend for life to our family!

Jessica Hogan
Associate Director, Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk

Amy is a dynamic and creative fundraiser with the instant ability to make a thoughtful connection with anyone she crosses paths with. Amy exudes passion for the mission of Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund and has seen enormous success in igniting a community to take action in the fight against cancer. Through her thoughtful leadership, attention to detail, and ability to motivate – Amy has helped the Jimmy Fund Walk reach new heights. In just six short years, Team Tara raised more than $1M through their Jimmy Fund Walk efforts, a feat accomplished by no other community-based team before. Amy is a tremendous advocate that you absolutely want in your corner!

Jordan Bettinson
Career Advising Client

A mentor on a mission! Throughout my career, Amy has provided guidance and expertise on how to best position myself in the professional market. She has taken the time to review my LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letters offering strategic suggestions that allow me to feel more confident in the documentation employers are seeing. Amy eagerly shares her vast knowledge and professional network to help power career growth, and her drive to help others is so authentic. I am thankful for her continued support through my own professional development, and always look forward to my next catch up with her. I cannot recommend connecting with Amy enough.

Zachary Blackburn
Assistant Vice President, Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk

I feel extremely fortunate to work with Amy on the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Amy has served as a leader and mentor and has continually provided an excellent example for her peers to follow in support of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She has helped to galvanize a passionate team of motivated fundraisers all with the shared vision of bettering the lives of cancer patients in Boston and around the globe. Having led a fundraising campaign which has surpassed $1M raised in only 6 years, I have learned first-hand that when Amy sets a goal, not only does she meet it, she exceeds it. 

Seeja Puri

For the past 5 years, Amy has been a mentor and role model in my life. Her college coaching skills helped me smoothly navigate transferring from a 2 year college into a university. She then provided me with career guidance as she assisted me with re-writing my resume and cover letter and guiding me on a fulfilling career path. Amy also inspired me to get involved in volunteering with both the Jimmy Fund Walk where she is the Team Captain and at Make-A-Wish. We have a lot of fun volunteering together and I am immensely grateful for her encouragement. Amy loves "connecting" and, through her network, I was able to get hired in both a co-op position and later a part-time position working with 2 of her closest friends. I feel extremely blessed to have Amy in my life and know that she has helped me grow and thrive as a confident and contributing member of society. 

Krista Bishop
Director, Volunteer Program and Operations, Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Amy Killeen has generously shared her time and talents with Make-A-Wish® Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over two decades. By nature, she is a generous and compassionate individual. But what makes her uniquely remarkable, is her ability to network, mentor, and lead with both grace and professionalism. Her approachable and genuine style is the key to her success. Whether she is working on a project, coaching a new member of our organization, or coming up with new processes and best practices to aid efficiency, she makes it her personal mission to achieve positive results by using creativity, solid experience, and enthusiasm. Amy is a skillful listener who people enjoy working with. She thrives on organization and developing relationships to meet and exceed goals. I am unable to completely portray how much Amy has contributed to our organization, her fellow volunteers and most importantly our wish children. She has and continues to make a difference here every day.  

Ethan Dodd
Career Advising Client / Yale University student

As a college student without much experience writing resumes and applying for jobs, Amy was a great help. She worked with me to produce a resume that I am actually proud to present to employers. She helped me effectively capture my personality, goals, and experiences in a concise manner. Now I feel that my resume is a representation of my best self.

Carla Marshall-Waggett
Career Advising Client

After a long tenure with my previous employer, Amy came to my rescue. With the objective eye of a recruiter, Amy helped me rework my very long and rambling work experience into a targeted and compelling overview of a successful professional. She gave me a fresh perspective, built my self-confidence, and provided me with a critical tool for today’s job market. Far more than just a resume crafter, Amy uses all of her resources to help drive you forward. Through many years in community building, successful fundraising and as a proven motivator, Amy was especially effective in understanding my marketing and communications background and translating that into a compelling resume that is attractive, flexible, and gets results. Amy has cultivated an amazingly broad network of contacts, colleagues and friends across many industries and disciplines. (No matter where she travels, she always runs into someone she knows!) She is simply amazing at putting people together and willingly shares her connections to foster a referral, a recommendation, or provide insight into an application process to help you land that dream job.

Tara Shuman
Nonprofit Partner

While I have only known Amy for the last eight years, it feels like we have known each other and worked together for a lifetime. Never have I met someone like Amy Killeen. In her work for our Jimmy Fund Walk team and in all of her many personal and professional efforts, Amy blends the most sincere compassion with an unwavering work ethic. Her attention to detail and her ability to always keep sight of the end goal are inspiring. Amy has an uncanny memory, a humongous heart, and a creative mind that can stir up magic! I have referred countless students and people to Amy for her advice and every single person has benefitted from his/her time with her. To know Amy is to know an entirely new "Midas Touch" -- everything she does somehow turns to gold! 


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